At TD Construction and General Contracting we have built our company and brand on years of successfully completing projects for our clients.  We have over 150 years of combined experience in commercial roofing and renovation services.  Our wide array of experience with industrial, manufacturing, entertainment, multi-family, government, aerospace and restaurant facilities, has afforded us a solid and trusted customer base for years to come.

We believe in an open dialogue relationship with each and every customer we service and maintain an excellent track record of completed and warrantable projects throughout the state and abroad.

We believe one should concentrate on a single strength and build upon it.  We absolutely believe in pooling resources and strengths outside of one's core competencies to build long lasting relationships founded on honesty and trust.  People want a company they can trust and depend on no matter the cost or time involved.  We are frequently involved in projects that last several months to years and that commitment has always remained one of our core values in nurturing long and lasting relationships.

The current and dynamic turnover associated with contractors in the DFW metroplex is at an all-time high.  Customers don’t need another hurdle to overcome as they choose their contracting company.  If TD Construction cannot perform or facilitate a given project, we will pool our resources together to help find a solution.